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Church Officers

Ordination Sunday 2019
Ordination Sunday 2020

Our leadership team, referred to as the Consistory, is the governing body of our church.  This body consists of deacons, elders, and current pastors on staff.  The Consistory is charged with providing the welfare of the church, stewardship of property and finance, and the spiritual growth of all Christ's people. 


Deacons are set apart for a ministry of mercy, service, and outreach.  They gather our gifts and offerings, care for them faithfully, and distribute them with wisdom and compassion to persons in need and for purposes that advance God's kingdom on earth.  Deacons also visit and comfort the distressed, provide for whatever needs may arise, and assist the congregation at our worship services.  


Elders are set apart for a ministry of watchful and responsible care for the welfare and order of our church.  They have oversight of all members, including one another, the deacons, and the ministers, equipping everyone to live in harmony with God's Word.  They ensure the Word of God is rightly proclaimed and taught and the sacraments are faithfully administered.  Elders also assist the minister with their good counsel and serve everyone with advice, consolation, and encouragement. 


If you would like more information about our leadership team, please talk with Pastor Luke.


Elders: (with their term date listed)
  • Bill Hartzell '20
  • Dick Oldenkamp '20
  • Harold Ernst '21
  • Dr. Greg Kosters '21
  • Marlin Roelfs '21
  • Stan De Zeeuw '22
  • Ken Heronimus '22
  • Malrin Runia '22
Deacons: (With their term date listed)
  • Greg Tracy '20
  • Justin Van Tilburg '20
  • Nate Buysman '21
  • Dan Heilman '21
  • Scott Hulstein '21
  • Larry De Boer '22
  • Mitch Kreykes '22
  • Ryan Wiersma '22