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History and Beliefs

  • We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the final authority for any questions regarding our faith and practice.
  • God is One and exists as three persons in the form of the Trinity- Father God, Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
  • Our salvation comes through Jesus Christ.  Humanity separated himself from God through sin. God sent His Son, born of a virgin, to pay the price of our sin through His death on the cross.  God's grace allows us to spend eternity with Him, as long as we confess our faith in Him and believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. 
  • Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and buried.  He rose from the grave.  In the process, He conquered death, sin, and our enemy, Satan.  He now lives in Heaven with God the Father.
  • Jesus Christ will return to earth one day and will take all those who confess and believe in HIm back to Heaven with Him.  Those who do not confess and believe will be sentenced to Hell, to experience eternity separated from God.
  • We are called and commissioned by Jesus to tell everyone we know about Him, His plan for salvation, and to obey God's Word, the Bible.
Holland Reformed Church- 1929
First Reformed Church- 1950
First Reformed Church- 1957
First Reformed Church- 1988

The history of First Reformed Church is what makes us who we are today, so we embrace our past as we look forward to the future and what God has in store for us.  Included below is a brief history of our church.

In July 1913 six families expressed a desire for a Dutch worship service in Sibley.  Trinity Reformed Church opened their doors for such a service until the First Holland Reformed Church was organized on October 27, 1913 with 30 members.

In March 1914 the first church building was built with financing from other area churches.  Services continued to be performed in Dutch until 1942 when they were discontinued in favor of English services. In 1949 the church building was enlarged and stayed that way until May 1972 when the current building was completed in order to accommodate more room. The slideshow above shows what our church building has looked like over the years.

Throughout our history we have had 26 pastors serve our congregation.  Our current membership sits around 350 members with a rough weekly attendance of 300 with both of our services.  In 2013, we celebrated our 100th Anniversary as a congregation.  We are thankful God has blessed us with 100 years and will continue to serve Him until He returns!