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Stay Connected...Sign Up For Remind

Sign Up For Remind

Remind is the program we will use to send out text messages to certain groups that you have signed up for. For instance, if church is cancelled due to weather, we can send a mass text message to everyone who is signed up for Congregation)

Step 1: Log in on your computer. Go to
Step 2: Click Log In or Sign Up (if you are new to Remind)
Step 3: Click Join a Class
Step 4: Enter your Class code:   Class code: @ ___________________________

Find Your Class Codes Below:

                                                                Congregation:                                 congfrc                               
                                                                Wednesday Bible Class:                wednitefrc

                                                                Sunday School:                               SSFRC (ALL CAPS)
                                                                MS Remnant:                                  msremt

                                                                HS Remnant:                                   hsrem 
                                                                Sunday School Teachers:              FRCsstea

                                                                Wed. Night Teachers:                    FRCwedtea
                                                                Prayer:                                             prayfrc

Sign up for the groups you want to receive notification on.
You will be prompted to enter your phone number.
Remind will send you a text message with a code to your phone.
You will enter this code to verify your subscription.