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Updated September, 2020

ATTENTION First Reformed Church Members and Friends.

Due to the significant increase in Covid cases and many in our church, community and county who are quarantined by the County Health Department, we are making a few changes for the next two weeks here at FRC.

We will return to social distancing in our sanctuary for our services.  This will also include no coffee or social hour in between our services.  We are canceling all IN PERSON Sunday School, Children’s Church, Wednesday night classes and youth programs.  We are working on holding both Jr. High and High school classes and meeting through Zoom.  That information will follow.

Decisions like this are hard, and we continue to desire in-person worship, but we also want to be responsible and respect what we can do to keep our people healthy. If you have been asked to quarantine be very mindful of that in your decision about church. Please do not feel obligated to be here for in person worship. You can watch our services live at both 9:00 am and 11:00 am on Sundays.  You can also watch it any other time of the week.

Pray for our church and community as the reality of what most of the world has been facing, is now affecting us. Pray also for those who have had to make changes in their lives during their time of quarantine.  In two weeks we will make a decision as to next steps.

Praying for each of you as we journey together through this tough and trying time.

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