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Teacher Training Video 

Our Teacher Training Video explains and reiterates policies we have in place for our wonderful Volunteers. Please take a moment to review our policies by watching the following video. It is recommended that all current and new volunteers view this video prior to the beginning of the school year. Click on the image below to watch our training video.


Forms and Policies

Below you will find links to paper documents you may have been asked to review and/or sign. Please print off the appropriate document, fill-out, sign and return to the office in person or by email. Electronic signatures are fine and documents can be emailed to:

Child Protection Policy Booklet 2022

Christian Education Handbook (word)
Christian Education Handbook (pdf)

Medical Release Form (word)
Medical Release Form (pdf)

Background Check Authorization Forms (word)
Background Check Authorization Forms (pdf)

FRC Fleet Safety Guidelines (pdf)

Volunteer Teacher Application Form (word)
Volunteer Teacher Application Form (pdf)

Volunteer Guidelines (word)
Volunteer Guidelines (pdf) 

Yearly Volunteer Confirmation Form (word)
Yearly Volunteer Confirmation Form (pdf)

Incident Report (word)
Incident Report (pdf)


Other Proceedures

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